Carl Horton

Dr J Jandu

From the initial consultation visit Carl takes time to LISTEN to the patient and then offering a number of solutions specifically suited to the patient’s needs whilst continually explaining all the stages.


The second partner of Horton Implants is Kate who organises the appointment stages and liaises with the patient constantly to answer any questions the patient may have placing constantly emphasising patient care comes first. Kate ensures that everything is organised and constant communication between everyone so everything is crystal clear on the day of the appointment.


As we have a high number of very nervous patients at our practices, the feedback we have had from them is that they feel very reassured and confident after meeting with Carl and liaising with Kate who is constantly in touch with every patient making sure they are happy with every stage and goes that extra mile even phoning them up on a Sunday after having the implant placement on the Saturday to ensure the aftercare is maintained.


We have been very happy with the results from start to finish as the patients have been happy and cannot recommend them highly enough.




Kind Regards


Dr J S Jandu (BDS)

Practice owner

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