Carl Horton


I have just completed my treatment with Carl, having received 2 implants, with an abutment covering 3 missing teeth and I am over the moon. 
When you have, for all manner of reasons, a mouthful of fillings, and many missing teeth, you are fairly used to the permanent dent in your confidence and you can feel that you don't 'deserve' to have long term helpful solutions.
From the moment you meet Carl and Kate you feel like there are options, that of course you do deserve to be able to eat properly, it's ok to want to have a better smile and that there are solutions for you. Carl is calming, non-judgemental, reassuring and gives you hope! (This may read as dramatic, but if you have mouth issues you'll be able to relate, I know.)
Having had painful dental experiences in the past, like so many people, I was a bag of nerves on the day of my implants. The team are so kind, continuously reassured me throughout the procedure and I couldn't believe it was over so quickly. I found root canal treatment (and one particularly horrific extraction that went wrong) much worse than having 2 implants! My face was a bit tender for a few days but nothing paracetamol couldn't sort out and the healing process was very straightforward. 
I think the whole process, from first consultation to having my new 'teeth' has taken less than 6 months and I am beyond delighted. 
If you're wavering over making the decision to have implants, just go for it. You won't be in better hands.
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