Carl Horton

How microsurgery restored my painful teeth and gums

Retired head of English Gail embraces the privilege of retirement with enthusiasm. As the bubbly 60-something-year-old confesses to enjoying every moment of her ‘my time’ experience, it’s hard to imagine that anything would ever stifle her appetite for life.

But a long-standing issue with gum recession finally left her with ultra-sensitive teeth and the need for a clever dental solution. “The sensitivity was a real problem and they didn’t look good,” she says. Hot and cold drinks became a painful challenge and eating food proved an unpredictable experience.

“Extracting the teeth was not a real option,” says her dentist Carl Horton. Although much of the root of her upper teeth was exposed, they were not mobile and otherwise relatively healthy. Microsurgery seemed the best solution.”

Gail’s treatment plan involved a highly skilful skin graft procedure to rebuild the eroded gums. “I am very lucky to have found Carl. I cannot speak highly enough of him. He tackled the gum recession at the front of my mouth using microsurgery, firstly doing the offending tooth on the right-hand side, waiting for it to heal, and then tackling two teeth on the left.
“By using a graft from the roof of my mouth he has lowered the gums on my teeth on both sides of my mouth. They look really good and my problem has been resolved. The surgery took about a couple of hours for each side and Carl was so patient with me.

“Carl has the most lovely, reassuring manner with both his patients and his staff. He’s everything I would want a dentist to be and would highly recommend him,” she adds.

Explaining the technique, Carl says: “Modern microsurgical principles, with knowledge and technology borrowed from medicine, means we can increase the scope of periodontics.

The effects are remarkable in delivering a more predictable clinical result, much quicker healing, improved cosmetic outcomes, less invasive procedures and not least, less patient discomfort. It’s the equivalent to keyhole surgery.”

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