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Update 24th June 2020


Most of our practices and centres have began reopening. They each have their own protocols.


What to expect on return.


There are many concerns about Covid-19, especially with the risk to healthcare workers. PPE which is the term for the protective clothing, gowns, visors, masks, glove have always been worn during surgery. This has not changed. Dental teams have always been highly trained and fully understand the risk of infection, and have rigorous cross infection standards and procedures that ensure everyone is as safe as possible. Our standards will be similar to before but you may notice some minor differences as we start back such as protective screens on reception, hand sanitisers, wearing of face masks, and being asked to remain a set distance apart or in a vehicle until called. We will also be updating your medical health and possible recording your temperature. If you suspect you have Covid-19, have any of the symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone with Covid-19 then please inform the surgery and do not attend the practices.


Appoints may be a little longer that usual to allow us to “stagger”. This is to allow time for our teams to prepare the rooms, and sterilise the instruments. Although we have always operated in this way, we will have less staff initially and therefore will need more time.


It is likely that visits within the practice will need to be one person at a time, and following guidelines it is sensible to leave your loved ones at home.




The procedure for implant surgery will be similar to previous with some very minor changes within the practices.



As we are familiar with the use of PPE in the practices we work in our implants teams are already fully trained in its use and we are helping with dental centres that are not used to wearing PPE. However the message is that dental practices are extremely safe environments and always have been.

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