Carl Horton


Implant with crown
from £2235.00

Bone Augmentation
from £800

How come it's so expensive?

Sometimes we get asked this question:


The fees for your care do not go straight into our pockets. There are numerous costs associated with dentistry which increases yearly. In the UK, with medicinal services as a rule, we are spoilt and totally uninformed of the expenses related in hospital care, in attending A&E, visiting our GP or undergoing surgery. Teeth are much the same as the other parts of your body in this respect. At the point when dental treatment is required, patients are presented to the genuine expense of treatment.


Alongside the customary overheads of a maintaining a business, staff, telephone, lease, rates, security and protection, there are many additional expenses that are applied to dentists. The law insists we enlist with and pay memberships to certain administrative bodies (CQC, GDC, ICO and so on.) and indemnifiers (similar to insurance). This guarantees we keep up a high standard and are protecting you and our staff. Dental equipment, for example, our 3D scanners are expensive to purchase and must be certified and serviced consistently to guarantee they are fit for use. Materials utilised are likewise exceptionally specific and carry a high purchase cost. We use dental laboratories to provide our unique and specific crown, bridge and denture work, this also carries addition fees.  Consequently the charges we make need to represent the costs we incur in providing your care.


All dental professionals are directed by the General Dental Council to attempt a follow a degree of progressive training or education each year. All our team are committed to guaranteeing they stay informed and up to date with the most recent procedures and standards in dentistry.. Courses, talks lectures and materials are basically another aspect of time expense placed on dental teams and again figured into the charges of our services.


How much worth do we place on our oral health, our teeth are used everyday and it is often commented the first thing we notice about others is their smile. It all comes down to how important and how much value one has in having a healthy, functioning smile. 


Our team do not compete on fees but focus on our aim to provide a high level of service and care for you.