Carl Horton

Trusted By Other Dentists

Trusted By Other Dentists.

We are trusted by other dentists. This is essentially how we work, as it is often that your own dentist will want someone they trust when making a dental referral for additional care. We foster and encourage your dentist to have a close relationship with us and keep them informed and involved in your care with us.



Principal dentist

I think what you do is genius, it helps our patients so much. We are lucky to have your team here and the professionalism you bring to the practice. I am always recommending your services.

Hugo Whitehead

Selly Park Dental Centre

We have been working with Carl and Kate in a collaborative partnership since the setting up of Horton Implants. The whole process for the patient has been at the heart of the excellent service Horton Implants provides. The level of service and communication has been outstanding, the patients have commented on Carl's relaxed and friendly approach, which is backed up by his level of expertise. Kate provides a great 'front of house' contact for us, and is available to discuss any issues with the patients and in the organisation of implant placements.

What is particularly different about Horton Implants is the implementation of different systems for the more complex patients, as well as the simple implant cases, and especially the level of care that the patients receive. 
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