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Why Choose Us?

Why choose our Team?

We are committed to providing you the best treatment possible in safe, state of the art practices. We use the latest digital work flow technology reducing the need for messy impressions. We will often use digital scans to make a virtual model of your mouth and then using 3D printers we can create a surgical guide, which in turn means more accurate placement of the implants. Our practices are equipped with state of the art technology to help our team of dental implant surgeons provide the very best service to our patients.

Intraoral scanner
The intraoral scanner replaces the need for taking impressions. Used for treatment planning and after the implants are fully integrated with the jaw, the clinician will create a 3D digital model of the mouth before making the new crown or bridge. This used to mean taking several impressions with a dental putty, but our new intraoral scanners allow the clinician to create a digital 3D model of teeth and gums with no mess. The clinician simply moves the scanner around the mouth in a process that takes around two minutes. This results in a highly accurate, 3D digital model that helps create crowns that seamlessly blend with existing teeth.




3D CBCT Scans
In many cases, you will be required to have a CBCT scan to provide us with vital information needed to proceed, including factors such as bone density and location of nerves and sinuses, and to help guide the placement of their new implants. We  have an in-practice CBCT machine in some practices and work with referral centers where these are not available. 

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